Amy Barkley, a Healing Arts Practitioner and Sacred Passage Guide

Amy Barkley, founder of Opening Hearts, is prepared and committed to assisting transformation in all aspects of life: spiritual, emotional, psychological, practical and physical. She has the capacity to work with clients in a variety of ways, and the techiques employed for an individual are spiritually and intuitively guided, and in consideration of the unique qualities, strengths, needs and desired outcomes that each person possesses. 

Amy holds a BA Psychology with special interest in: Depth Psychology, which explores the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious; Existential Psychology, which goes beyond identification and reduction of psychological issues, and addresses how a person defines meaning, purpose and a life well lived; and Transpersonal Psychology, which recognizes the existence of a dimension to human nature greater than the individual and is based on the premise that connecting with this larger part of one's self is instrumental in creativity, health and full human potential.

A Life of Experience

Amy’s additional trainings, certification programs, and experiential learnings include:

  • SoulArts Process of Awakening (TM) 4 - Year Apprenticeship with Author, Mystic and Spiritual Teacher, Ronda LaRue (a very special thank you to Ronda LaRue, whose apprenticeship program has contributed significantly to facilitating Amy’s own depth healing, uncovering Amy’s unique gifts and nurturing her calling to help and serve others)
  • Reike Level I and II Certification
  • DreamTending Certification with Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, world-renowned author, and Chancellor and Founding President of Pacifica Graduate Institute
  • Core Shamanic Training through The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Training includes: The Way of the Shaman Basic Workshop; Shamanic Extraction Healing Training; Shamanism, Dying and Beyond; Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature; Power Soul Retrieval Training; Two-Week Shamanic Healing Intensive; and the Three Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing
  • End of Life Doula Certification through The Conscious Dying Institute
  • Graduate Certificate in Integrated Imagery: Regression Hypnosis (in progress)

Amy is an avid student of holistic and metaphysical approaches to healing and mind-body-spirit connection and continues to meander with therapeutic modalities such as: ecotherapy; sound therapy; art therapy; play therapy; music therapy; dream work; energy healing; aromatherapy; expressive dance; massage therapy and reflexology; hydrotherapy; plant and herbal remedies; flower essences; nutrition, body cleanse and detox; breathwork therapy; biofeedback; etc.

Amy lives on 30 beautiful acres in Tennessee with her husband, David, and their two dogs, Obie and Harlie. At home, she enjoys spending time with nature, gardening and canning, painting, and tending to their growing number of honeybee hives. She also loves poetry, photography, and meaningful travel.

Amy is an Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church and holds an Honorary D.D. Doctorate of Divinity Certificate in recognition of her devotion to the healing and betterment of others.

Underlying all is her profound sense of honor and reverence for the Divine and her love and passion for living in the Mystery of Life.

Personal References

“I  have had the great privilege of working with Amy Barkley these past years as soul guide, mentor and kindred friend.  Amy has blessed me with the rare gift of one clearly called to the hero's journey through fear, confusion, and self-doubt into the realization of the truth of the heart and the wisdom of the spirit.  Amy has a deep intuitive gift for inner listening and following the language of soul. She also has something more rare: a wonderfully open heart and the patient, true spirit of a gifted healer. I am pleased to share this journey of awakening with Amy, and to offer this testimonial to one who knows how to walk in the beauty and grace of true authentic being.” 

In Love, 
Ronda LaRue, M.S.
Author/Teacher  Center For SoulArts
Ojai, CA

“Amy is nothing less than remarkable. I have been witness to both her talents and her path to develop them. She is a compassionate, perceptive, intuitive, and healing spirit who “sees” what others cannot. Her visions and insights cross the boundaries of time and space -- reaching into your heart and your invisible past -- to reveal what is hurt and how to repair it. Words cannot adequately explain her gifts … the only way to truly understand is to experience them.”

Tammy Glavor

"Amy and I met through a SoulArts two-year apprenticeship program for spiritual exploration and growth. Over the course of those two years I had the pleasure of watching Amy completely transform into a natural healer. The group apprenticeship program only enhanced her beauty inside and out.  She took the SoulArts process seriously; a process that led to a deep sense of self discovery that ultimately led her to her gift of healing.  It was an honor watching Amy first hand as she discovered her gift and continued to explore and develop it.  Amy approaches this process with integrity, respect, and honor while doing so with a great amount of compassion and love."

Ingrid Penman