Restoring Death to Its Sacred Place in Life

Death is the one great certainty in life.

Though death itself is universal and indiscriminate, the human and cultural approaches to it can vary greatly. In the West, we no longer remember how to approach the dying process with peace, dignity and grace. The dying are shuttled off to hospitals where death is considered a ‘disease’ and extraordinary measures are taken to prolong life at all costs. Many people die in fear, with unresolved issues, not having had the difficult conversations that would be so healing for them and their families. Families do not know how to find closure with the passing of a loved one; most people have learned to hide emotional depth, stifle grief and bury away pain. We are scared of our own mortality and we have tried to make death invisible, thinking that if we ignore it long enough, it will go away.

There is another way to approach the dying process. 

Death is the most sacred threshold in the spiral of life, the final Right of Passage.
— Amy Barkley

Amy Barkley is dedicated to helping people die consciously. Conscious dying is a way of utilizing the dying process as an opportunity to restore wholeness, to become more present and loving, for profound healing, and for spiritual growth and awakening. 

Sacred Passage Guidance is offered for any individual that has been diagnosed with life-threatening disease or terminal illness, or is facing end of life choices, care or transition. Services also extend to family members, friends or care providers involved in an individual’s dying process.

As a Sacred Passage Guide, Amy offers holistic, emotional, spiritual, and practical support through the dying process for the dying and their families - bringing deeper meaning and greater comfort to dying people and their loved ones. Amy's focus is clear:

The focus of a Sacred Passage Guide is to give physical comfort, emotional and spiritual guidance; exemplify authentic presence; utilize authentic listening and authentic responding; read and respond to the energetic field of those they serve; offering appropriate comfort care healing modalities; provide tenderness, wide open acceptance and loving response during
the time of vulnerable life transitions.
— Tarron Estes, Conscious Dying Institute

Amy is committed to:

  • Helping clients face disease, illness and death with a beautiful blend of courage and intimacy
  • Confidently, honestly and gracefully communicating with clients and families so that difficult end of life conversations are brought to light and their concerns and desires are attended to
  • Informing clients of their end of life options
  • Assisting clients in fulfilling end of life dreams and wishes
  • Helping clients receive the comforting, palliative care that they want and need

Amy does not duplicate the work of professionals such as doctors, nurses, hospice workers, or funeral directors; she works alongside them filling in the gaps. Her skills are not medically oriented; they are spiritually, traditionally, hands and heart-oriented. Borrowing from ancient traditions, she uses the time-proven techniques of an open and compassionate heart, touch, prayer, healing arts, ceremony, ritual, sacred space, music, silence and vigil to work with clients and families on emotional, spiritual and practical levels. Her work can be done in any setting, whether in a hospital, nursing facility or a home. 


Sacred Passage Guidance Services can be structured in a variety of ways, depending on your needs.  Together, you can work with Amy to determine what structure is right for you. 


The Sacred Passage Guidance fee is TBD based on the extent of services and inclusions requested. 

Please contact Amy to schedule or inquire about a service. Once your dates are secured, you will receive additional information regarding the process and recommended preparation associated with your services.