Client Testimonials

All testimonials remain anonymous out of respect for client privacy.

I entered into the Experiential Healing retreat carrying a very heavy weight - a weight full of grief, sadness, fears and old baggage that I needed to let go of. I realized that I needed to surrender my old ways of being and surrender into a place of emptiness to allow room for new growth - a new way to be. As I grieved letting go of the old, I felt the excitement of a new way of being calling me home. I faced my fears, surrendered the old, and opened space for the new to be born.

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. ~ Romans 8:18

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need. ~ Tao Te Ching

I am so grateful for your powerful support and guidance, Amy!
At first, I had a plan regarding what I wanted to work on during my private retreat - I thought that I needed to work on my self-esteem and confidence. But my “plan” didn’t really work out. Instead, I went deeper and uncovered the root of the problem. I began exploring the difference between Ego and Soul. Through this process, I am now more aware of who is really living this life. I also realize how powerful the Ego can be in keeping me from my own inner Truth. I am glad that I now have the tools to slow the ego mind and the incessant thoughts going on in my head. Once I learned to connect with the place of Soul, my whole world became more relaxed, still and peaceful.
I gained so much from the Opening Hearts Experiential Healing Intensive. I gained a new life. A new perspective. A higher level of consciousness. A new awareness. Powerful healing of core wounds. I gained my power of strength and humility to offer forgiveness. I gained wisdom, hope, freedom, release and renewal. I gained a deeper understanding of the Life/Death/Life cycle and of death and rebirth. I gained another piece of my soul! I lost heartache and gained joy! I gained grace in forgiveness. I gained light in the dark. I gained a healing on many levels - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.
If you are considering Opening Hearts, but are not quite sure ...

Just dive in! Something more is calling you and you’ve come across this place of powerful healing for a reason. It is not by coincidence. It’s scary as hell and that’s absolutely normal, but just dive in! Dive into the fear, dive into the darkness because that’s the only way you’re going to find the light. Beyond the fear, there’s a magical transformation waiting to take place. Invest in yourself! You are worthy of this investment and I PROMISE you will never regret it. You will wonder how you ever lived before this! It is deeply transformational and you are worthy of this calling. Just dive in! Dive in with the fear strangling you near paralysis. Dig deep within and find your strength to rise above the fear. It is life-changing in so many ways and on so many levels! All you have to do is recognize your worth and muster up enough courage to dive in the dark, unknown waters and you will come out in 3 days radiating a new light. Please do this for yourself and know you’re worthy of the experience. It’s absolutely magical and life-changing!

Attending an Opening Hearts Experiential Healing Intensive at Amy’s private residence was a unique experience. There’s magic in the air and I could feel the winds of change! I felt comfort, calm and love radiating from Amy and her husband, David. It felt like HOME - a home I never knew existed. It was intense and magical. It was life-changing, eye-opening and utterly amazing. Power, strength, humility and love exude from Amy and David both. It was authentic and inspiring. I am so amazed at my own soul’s growth in 3 short days with these two wonderful people. I shall return!
The passing of my father was the most difficult, painful thing I have ever faced. I have never been able to imagine my life without Daddy in it, and his absence has left a huge hole in my heart.

His long battle with Dementia was extremely painful for me, as his daughter, to watch. I lost him little pieces at a time, and sometimes large pieces all at once, over a 5 year period. Daddy knew that he was battling Dementia, and he fought as hard and as long as he could ... but Dementia always wins. My father spent the last three weeks of his life in a beautiful Hospice House. I witnessed Daddy completely let go of his fight when he arrived there. I saw it in his eyes and in his body ... he was getting ready to go. I, however, was not ready to let him go. In fact, no one who loved him was ready. We wanted him to be able to leave us not only with dignity, but with complete peace in his heart, knowing that he was deeply loved. During those last weeks, family and friends gathered around, making sure he was never alone. Daddy could no longer speak with words, but he spoke with his eyes or his sweet smile … telling us of his love and that he was not afraid.

Amy assisted us all during this process by holding space for all that was occurring. She created a beautiful piece of art for Daddy’s room to honor his passing, created a sacred alter, and encouraged music and singing, humor and laughter, memory sharing, and gentle silence. Daddy’s room became a Holy Place, with a beautiful presence of Peace all around. There were also many beautiful moments for those of us who loved my father so ...

Amy was able (in a way that I cannot explain) to connect with my father (who had slipped into an unconscious state) in order to receive and share our father’s last words to us. Although he had never been one to openly share his love in words, he had much to “complete” and express in his final days. Some of the things Amy was shown could only have come from my father - as she relayed things she would not otherwise have known, even though I did. Just a very few of us, including Amy, were present as we sat with Daddy and held his hand to his last breath. During these final moments, Amy was able to witness the sacred passage of my father from his earthly, ill shell of a body to a place where he was well, happy, and free from all of his earthly wounds. Amy verbally shared her vision of my fathers peaceful, loving departure from the physical world to the spiritual realm. Months have passed since Daddy took that last breath, but the special moments and the information that Amy shared during that time continue to synchronistically unfold.

Though I miss my father everyday, I hold to the sacred moment when he physically left this world. I am very grateful to have the gift of that vision of my Daddy going to his beautiful home with God. And, to this day, we feel his spiritual presence all around us.

If you or someone you love are facing the end of life, I highly recommend Amy as a Sacred Passage Guide. She offers a unique presence of humility, strength and compassion, and can help you restore the experience of death to its sacred place in life.
I have struggled with a lifelong battle with addiction. I recently realized that my bad decisions were not only affecting me, but my family as well. I was finally ready to change my behavior, release my addiction, and explore a more spiritual path. I was called to Opening Hearts after I looked at the success rates of addiction clinics - finding that only 20% of people are able to overcome addiction with traditional treatment. Then, I discovered that alternative healing methods (such as this) have a 75% success rate, so I decided to try both.

I just completed the 3-Day Experiential Healing Intensive. Amy’s home and land is beautiful. It was amazing staying here and I felt like part of the family. If you allow it, the love that you feel here is like no other. Amy is a very special person. Her gifts are strong and she always knows just what to say and how to say it.

I can’t even describe all that I’ve gained from this experience ... it’s an amazing feeling. My eyes are now open. There is such a closeness to everything - myself, nature, the people around me, sounds, feelings. There is a new appreciation for life and what it has to offer. I am looking forward to what the future brings. I am ready to become the person that I have hid from for so long.

I can’t say thank you enough.
Amy has found her authentic self and I am so grateful she is offering that up as a service to the world. There is a calm and comfort in her mixed with power and strength. Amy holds much wisdom for the world to learn. She pushed me to go deeper and deeper and deeper to the depths of my soul and I could not have done it without her loving guidance. She teaches to listen instead of thinking and torturing yourself by staying in your mind. There’s comfort in the uncomfortable emotions that arise with Amy guiding the way. Amy is very inspiring, astonishing and worthy of her gifts. She is the perfect storm to bring about change! I am in awe of her presence! Many thanks and much love.
Having been lucky enough to witness and experience Amy’s undeniable gift of healing, I encourage you to be forever changed by her ability to discern the messages of the body. Amy’s process is grounded in the purity of listening. She identifies the sources of pain and fracture, then develops a plan of release and repair. Her vision is clear yet adaptive. As she opens lines of energy, her profound passion for healing reveals itself to all the clients she touches. But unlike traditional forms of one-size-fits all therapy, Amy tailors her healing process to her client’s specific vulnerabilities - creating real, lasting change.